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Special day with Arvind Inamdar

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The Manickpur Education Welfare Fund had inviter Mr. Arvind Inamdar (Ex-Commissioner of Police) to share his valuable expertise on IPS/ IAS/ IRS/ IFS examinations.

Here are some of the motivating thoughts shared by Mr. Inamdar:

The work that you do in your life should be excellent. There should be no compromise with:

  • Excellence
  • Truth (Truth which is beneficial to society not for yourself)

Once he asked JRD Tata – The reason for his success. JRD Tata showed him a Quote which was engraved on his desk – In our organization excellence is tolerated but perfection is our aim.

Structure of IPS-IAS exam:

  • Prelim
  • Main
  • Interview

For the interview you have to be very well prepared. It’s important that you draft the application very carefully and you are well versed with what you have written.
Eg. If you have mentioned your hobby as Cricket, you need to have all the knowledge of cricket. So you should be able to answer any question put before you by the interviewer.
Your general knowledge should be very strong. Read newspapers and other media to keep yourself up to date with the latest happenings in the world. Start the preparation from STD 12th for these examinations.

Now, the exams are also conducted in Marathi. So one can answer the papers in Marathi and also give the interview in Marathi.

You might not pass the exam but you will achieve a milestone by giving these exams. You will be a good citizen of India . So you should not be disappointed. Don’t get disappointed by the troubles of life.

Zindaki mushikilo aur toophano se bhari hai
Thoker lage toh himmat mat haro, Phir se khade ho jao aur chilake pucho, “Dhaka kisne mara be?”

Overall, it was an engrossing session attended by approximately 400 people from students to parents to grand parents. They took away a lot of learnings from Mr. Inamdar with a dash of laughter, nostalgia and serious fun.

Some pictures from the session.

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Special thanks to Dolly Menezes for her inputs on the post. We also have an audio recording of the entire session and it shall be posted on this site for download soon.



Portuguese Classes in Vasai


Portuguese language course for beginners held by a native Portuguese teacher. The classes will be held once a week on Saturday mornings at 9 am, at the Gonsalo Garcia Church, Vasai West. Monthly fees – Rs. 500 per month. If you are interested please confirm via the comment box below. Classes start 3rd December.



St. Michael’s Church, Manickpur Presents “Giovinezza

Uniting Youth For The Betterment Of The Society.
“Today’s youth is tomorrow’s future.”

Events for 25 Oct ’11

  • Soccerex Football Festiva
  • Painting and Drawing Competition.
  • Nail Art.
  • T-Shirt Painting.
  • Just A Minute.
  • Face Painting.
  • Band Slam.

Events for 26 Oct ’11

  • Dance workshops.
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Halloween Night.

Events for 27 Oct ’11

  • Dance To The Beat.
  • Prize Distribution.

Entry passes for
25 & 27 Oct’11 Eve: Rs. 20/-

Participation fee:

  • Football: Rs. 800 / team.
  • Band: Rs. 500/ team.
  • Dance: Rs. 500/ team.

Entry fee for the other events is Rs.50/participant.

Last Date for registering for all events is 15 Oct ’11

Venue: St.Michael’s Church, Manickpur, Vasai Rd(W).

For Entry Passes And Further Queries Please Contact:

  • Reynold D’mello – 9975230372.
  • Nikhil Sequeira – 9975485865.
  • Seon Almeida – 9022998853.
  • Aaron D’souza – 9967510007.
  • Victoria Dabre – 7798257848.

Vasai-Virar Marathon


The first Vasai Marathon to spread the message “Save the Girl Child and Maintain Nature’s Balance” flagged off at 7 am on Sunday September 18.
Former Asian track queen P T Usha was the brand ambassador of the event. The marathon offers prize money in excess of Rs 15 lac and is spread across the 10 race categories to attract the best athletes from the state. The event, flagged off from Viva College in Virar, passed through Nallasopara and Vasai before finishing in Virar.

This was the first marathon held in the region. Deepchand Saharan, an Army subhedar who hails from Churu in Rajasthan and is training at the Army Institute in Pune, won the 42-km full marathon with a timing of 2 hours, 28 minutes and 3 seconds. Bhaskar Madhukar Kamble of Washim (Raigad district) came second crossing the finishing line nine minutes after Saharan.

Western Railway’s Kiran Prayag Tiwari emerged triumphant in the open half-marathon (21km) for women. She reached the finishing line in 1 hour, 18 minutes and 21 seconds, a minute before second-placed Lalita Babbar.

Here are some clicks from the First Vasai-Virar Marathon.

Following are the Final Results:

Men (Open) (42 k.m.): Deepchand Saharan Mohansingh (Pune) 2.28.03; Bhaskar Madhukar Kamble (Vashim) 2.37.26; Nilesh Waman Bodhe (Chandrapur) 2.39.16; Bhima Sawlaram Shinde (Nashik Police) 2.40.50; Kalidas Dahikale (Pune) 2.41.10.

Vasai Taluka: Don Disilva (Vasai) 2.56.10; Sandeep Pandirkar (Virar) 3.20.06; Sandip Tulaskar (Vasai) 3.34.00.

Boys u-20 (11 k.m.): Bharat Krishna Gharat (Vasai) 40.01.08; Shubham Sudhakar Taral (Virar) 40.10.03; Hitesh J Patel (Virar) 40.10.09.

Boys u-17 (5 k.m.): Salim Salman Khan 25.17.08; Gurunath Dinesh Mhatre 27.10.08; Virendra Yadav 27.47.07.

Boys u-14 (3 k.m.): Shohaib Mustakh Mansuri 11.08.01; Shubham Rakesh Yadav 12.08.00; ; Radhe Sagar Gupta 13.20.00.

Women (21k.m.): Kiran Prayag Tiwari (Western Railway) 1.18.21; Lalita Babar 1.19.23; Priya Prakash Thoke (Mumbai) 1.20.25; Sangeeta Yadav (Mumbai) 1.22.53; Reshma Chandrakant Dalvi (Pune); Swati Deviprasad Sarode (Amravati) 1.25.49.

Vasai Taluka: Darshana Sitaram Khandekar (Virar) 1.37.05; Sangeeta B Mohankar (Chandip) 1.50.07; Priya Pradip Surve (Nalasopara) 2.17.15.

Girls u-17 (5 k.m.): Divya Suresh Padvi 20.05.06; Kavita Ankush Khandekar 27.23.09; Megha Prabhakar Patil 28.10.01.

Girls u-14: (3 k.m.): Itkar Chaya Shridhar 13.10.08; Gaikar Shilpa Jagdish 13.19.01; Amisha V. Jadhav 13.23.04.

Don Bosco With Us – In Vasai


In the tradition of pilgrimage, the relics of St. John Bosco are being carried into the towns and villages, neighborhoods and centers where the Gospel is announced among the young and the poor today. This pilgrim journey through 130 nations began on January 31, 2009, the 150th Anniversary of the founding of the Salesian Congregation. It prepares us for the 2015 celebration of the 200th Anniversary of Don Bosco’s birth near Turin, Italy on August 16, 1815.

Relic of Saint John Bosco

The relics of Don Bosco have been recomposed from the urn that contained his remains since 1929 when the body was exhumed for his beatification and canonization. The bones and tissues of the right hand and arm have been taken and placed within a wax replica of St. John Bosco`s body, whic in turn is enclosed in a large urn.

The Vasai Pilgrimage Programme at the Cathedral Public Veneration –

  • 12:00 AM Eucharistic Celebration – Archbishop Felix Machado
  • 01:00 PM Public veneration
  • 03:30 PM Closing Ceremony

The ceremony will be held tomorrow – Friday, 12th August 2011 at St.James Church, Agashi.

Beatification and canonisation of Pope John Paul II

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On 9 May 2005, Benedict XVI began the beatification process for his predecessor. Normally five years must pass after a person’s death before the beatification process can begin. However, in an audience with Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Vicar Camillo Ruini, the one responsible for promoting the cause for canonisation of any person who dies within the diocese of Rome, cited “exceptional circumstances” which suggested that the waiting period could be waived. The “exceptional circumstances” may possibly refer to the people’s cries of “Santo Subito!” (“Saint Now!” in Italian) during the late pontiff’s funeral. Therefore the new Pope waived the five year rule “so that the cause of Beatification and Canonisation of the same Servant of God can begin immediately.”

The decision was announced on 13 May 2005, the Feast of Our Lady of Fátima and the 24th anniversary of the assassination attempt on John Paul II at St. Peter’s Square. John Paul II often credited Our Lady of Fátima for preserving him on that day. Cardinal Camillo Ruini, vicar general for the diocese of Rome, officially opened the cause for beatification in the Lateran Basilica on 28 June 2005. In early 2006, it was reported that the Vatican was investigating a possible miracle associated with John Paul II. A French nun, confined to her bed by Parkinson’s Disease, is reported to have experienced a “complete and lasting cure after members of her community prayed for the intercession of Pope John Paul II”. The nun was later identified as Sister Marie-Simon-Pierre, a member of the Congregation of Little Sisters of Catholic Maternity Wards from Puyricard, near Aix-en-Provence. Sister Marie-Simon-Pierre, 46, is working again, now in Paris at a maternity hospital run by her order. She met reporters 30 March 2006 in Aix-en-Provence during a press conference with Archbishop Claude Feidt of Aix, the archdiocese where the cure took place. On 28 May 2006, Pope Benedict XVI said Mass before an estimated 900,000 people in John Paul II’s native Poland. During his homily he encouraged prayers for the early canonisation of John Paul II and stated that he hoped canonisation would happen “in the near future.”

The Ceremony

The beatification ceremony of Pope John Paul II will be held on 1 May 2011 and will be presided over by Pope Benedict XVI. A vigil in preparation for the celebration will be held the night before in the Circus Maximus. The casket in which he was interred was exhumed and placed before Saint Peter’s tomb on 29 April 2011. It will be placed in front of the main altar for public veneration during the ceremony. After the ceremony, the casket will be reinterred in the Chapel of St Sebastian. A vial containing the late Pope’s blood, taken during the final days of his life, will be displayed as a relic for veneration at the ceremony. The reliquary in which the vial will be kept during the ceremony will be carried by Sister Marie, who says she was cured after praying to the Pope, and Sister Tobiana, who nursed the Pope during his illness. In the ceremony, John Paul II will be declared “blessed”. A total of 87 international delegations will attend the ceremony, including 22 world leaders. Five European royal families will be represented. Hundreds of thousands of Catholics are expected to gather for the mass at Saint Peter’s Square, where a giant portrait of the former Pope was set up. The city of Rome plastered 30,000 posters of Pope John Paul II around the city in preparation for the ceremony. The city will provide 3,000 police and traffic officers, thousands of volunteers, additional public transport and medical facilities. A no-fly zone will be enforced over Saint Peter’s Square.