Aptitude Tests

School… Exams… Results… and the academic year get over… At the end of it there is one question that keeps on revolving in minds of each student and their parents “What Next?” Yes this is the question everyone has while thinking about their future career. Many times we take admission in college or any other course because someone else did that or parents want their children to go for certain course but due to wrong decisions we end up with failure in hands.

How to avoid this at initial stage? Yes we have a solution for this and that is “Aptitude Test”. An aptitude test is an exam to determine an individual’s propensity to succeed in a given activity. It examines your strengths and weaknesses and the inclinations of your success or failure in given areas based on your inherent characteristics.
Individuals might take an aptitude test to determine what kinds of careers they are well suited for. Similarly, high school students might take an aptitude test when thinking about what would be an appropriate college major or whether college is the best choice for them.
It provides you with a concrete framework for making write career decisions.
Keeping all this in mind, ‘Manickpur Education Welfare Fund’ in association with ‘Prafulta Psychological Services’ & ‘St. Michael’s Church, Manickpur’ is organizing an Aptitude Test for our student friends.

Details of which are as follows:

Date: 20th and 21st April 2012 (both days compulsory)
For: Students of Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12
Time: 9:00AM – 1:00PM
Registration: Last date for registration is 15th April 2012 (Limited seats)

Use this form to register:

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