Special day with Arvind Inamdar

The Manickpur Education Welfare Fund had inviter Mr. Arvind Inamdar (Ex-Commissioner of Police) to share his valuable expertise on IPS/ IAS/ IRS/ IFS examinations.

Here are some of the motivating thoughts shared by Mr. Inamdar:

The work that you do in your life should be excellent. There should be no compromise with:

  • Excellence
  • Truth (Truth which is beneficial to society not for yourself)

Once he asked JRD Tata – The reason for his success. JRD Tata showed him a Quote which was engraved on his desk – In our organization excellence is tolerated but perfection is our aim.

Structure of IPS-IAS exam:

  • Prelim
  • Main
  • Interview

For the interview you have to be very well prepared. It’s important that you draft the application very carefully and you are well versed with what you have written.
Eg. If you have mentioned your hobby as Cricket, you need to have all the knowledge of cricket. So you should be able to answer any question put before you by the interviewer.
Your general knowledge should be very strong. Read newspapers and other media to keep yourself up to date with the latest happenings in the world. Start the preparation from STD 12th for these examinations.

Now, the exams are also conducted in Marathi. So one can answer the papers in Marathi and also give the interview in Marathi.

You might not pass the exam but you will achieve a milestone by giving these exams. You will be a good citizen of India . So you should not be disappointed. Don’t get disappointed by the troubles of life.

Zindaki mushikilo aur toophano se bhari hai
Thoker lage toh himmat mat haro, Phir se khade ho jao aur chilake pucho, “Dhaka kisne mara be?”

Overall, it was an engrossing session attended by approximately 400 people from students to parents to grand parents. They took away a lot of learnings from Mr. Inamdar with a dash of laughter, nostalgia and serious fun.

Some pictures from the session.

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Special thanks to Dolly Menezes for her inputs on the post. We also have an audio recording of the entire session and it shall be posted on this site for download soon.



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