Vasai Fort City Heritage Walk

When: Sunday, 2nd October 2016

Time: 09:30 AM to 12:30 PM

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An Half day event were, Group interested in Numismatics, Archaeology and History will walk around talking about stories related to the History of Vasai Fort. Pascal Roque Lopes who is a Masters in Numismatics & Archaeology and Researches around the Indo – Portuguese Maratha History will lead the group.

Pascal will guide the walk has his Articles on the Vasai Fort published in Maharashtra Unlimited which is a Maharashtra Tourism Department Magazine. And has conducted this event For Global and Local participants.

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More details are available on Window Of History

Vasai was initially occupied by the Bongle Raja in 1414 and then by the Bhadur Shah of Gujrat in 1530. Vasai fort city built by the Portuguese occupies 110 archers excluding villages around, in the 16th century there were 2400 soldiers, 300
Horses and 3000 residents, Knights, members of the Royal Family and artisans in the fort city. City because it has a church, hotel, hospital, granary, collage, chapel, library, Municipality, Townhall, Market, The increased trade and monetisation resulted in opening of a coin mint, literature was written in dnyaneshwari Marathi, it had an orphanage, a common bath pool, a court and Jail. International travellers got attracted and were able to travel to the sea port. Saint Francis Xavier whose body is in the Bom Jesus church’s in Goa visited the Vasai City Trice. It was finally take over by the Marathas in 1739. Later by the British after signing a treaty in 1802. ASI took control of the Monument using the Ancient Monument and Preservation Act, 1904.


  1. We will gather and assemble at the Vasai Fort , Near the Chimaji Appa statue 9 am to 9:15 am
  2. We will try to do a quick round up of one line to introduce yourself typically Name, Profession and why you are interested in the fort.
  3. Will introduce myself Pascal Lopes; explain the usage of the document we will use across the walk. And how you can use it for a self tour later.
  4. We will Target to begin the walk at 9:45 am
  5. We can take a Snacks / Tea break around 10:45
  6. Continue with the walk
  7. Wrap-up and closure 12:30 , with a buffer of 30 mins so Max 1:00 pm

Things good to have and wear

  1. Preferred a comfortable T-shirt , Sports Shoes, Tracks or comforting jeans
    ** That’s preferred for your comfort, you can come in whatever you are comfortable with
  2. Cap is a must. Sunglass if they help you
  3. Bottle of water ensure it does not make you feel loaded to carry around, sipping from a Half Liter bottle works.
  4. Sandwiches, and Snacks to ensure you don’t feel hungry, please maintain cleanliness.
  5. Torch sometimes needed, even the mobile torch works.
  6. In case you plan to write a page and pen
  7. Camera if Photography is your interest
    1. If you post photos on Face Book clearly mention if you don’t want other to use it, specify the copyright there. Most preferred if you don’t want people to use it put a copyright on the snap itself, so when they share you get the credit.
    2. If you are using photographs clicked by other person most appropriate directly share it, or ensure proper credit is given. Please don’t crop and use the photographs.
  8. A document related to the fort will be provided for your reference.
    The Heritage walk is a Service and no charges are taken it is to promote the Interest in the Vasai Fort.

Mode to Travel

  • If you are driving take the Western Express Highway diverge at the Vasai and follow the direction for the fort, Its Vasai West , in Vasai Gaon , Killabandar.
  • If you are taking train Vasai comes after Borivali, Dahisar, Mira Road, Bhayandar, Cross the Vasai Creek Bridge (See if you can spot the fort), Naigaon, Vasai Road Station
  • Get down near the bus depot
  • You can see Yellow colored Vasai Virar Mahanagarpalika buses take one coming to Killabandar
  • You can also take a Rikshaw everyone knows Vasai fort.

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