Saviya Lopes becomes a Director at Clark House Initiative, Bombay

Saviya Lopes has been with Clark House since 2014. She is the youngest, brightest participating artist of Clark House Initiative and a recent graduate from Rachna Sansad Academy of Fine Art. Her research thesis took form of a confession where she confronted various identities. Her works articulate a hypocrisy that we are well versed with but refuse to shed often using the cudgels of culture. She works in the context of feminism and its interventions of visual vocabulary in conceptual practice, she thoroughly puts through an idea for the political and represents a young India. She also works in terms of history pertaining to that of her own family archives or of the history of the place that she lives in.

She has shown in International Museums, Ireland, Paris, Dubai, Dakar, Hong Kong and Korea. Also, Saviya Lopes recently got a grant from FFIA (Foundation for Arts and Initiative), for her research and to travel many other countries.
She had been twice invited to South Korea for Gwangju Biennale as a fellow to participate and in Asia Art Space Network Asia for Exhibition making and for public talk. And she will travel soon to London for a show in London Showroom in May.


This content appeared as a Facebook post on Clark House Initiative’s page.

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